Quality Compliance

  • CFIA standards
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GMPHACCP Certificate

Quality Policy

  • Quality is the foundation of our business.
  • Our goal is always food safety and full compliance.
  • We strive to attain and maintain customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Each member of our company is committed to producing the highest standard of quality for all our products.

Quality Compliance

  • Our company is committed to on-going improvement, always keeping up with and exceeding any and all changes to industry standards and policies.

Quality Factors

  • Quality starts with selection of quality conscious suppliers and the testing and inspection of every incoming ingredient.
  • Suppliers and Canature technicians confirm the consistency and safety of ingredients by extensive laboratory testing.
  • Canature manufacturing process maintains the control of our product specifications to ensure all aspects of quality (appearance, dimensions, nutrition, safety, and taste) meet or exceed the standards and guidelines in pet foods.
  • Canature extends the quality attitude through the technical services and customer support team behind each product.